Hello, everyone! Let me introduce you to the words that have been really pushing me in the past few weeks, to help motivate me and to truly do my best: Put in effort.

The concept's pretty simple. Every time, I'm not feeling too productive or any time I tell myself it would be easier not to, I fight my laziness with the phrase Put in effort.

For me, this is a reminder to try my best. It means that even though you can choose an easy way, you can also put in effort and get a rewarding feeling from giving something your all. Sometimes when it's not your all, it's motivation to at least try.
You won't know how things turn out unless you try.

This has been a big inspiration for my school work because I know what I am capable of and I know that I that I can put in that effort or that extra work to achieve my best.
However, I've also been trying to apply this to things that can't be awarded in ways that can be measured like grades. I'm working on putting effort into my lifestyle, how I feel, and especially, how I'm affecting others around me and my relationships.

There are so many things we want to do in life but they take effort and the only thing that you can control is the effort that you put in on your part. So whether it's academic success, getting more sleep or building relationships with yourself or others, you may be the one who needs to take action or initiate something.