You call them when they’re not there.

You make them food when they’re hungry.

You buy ice cream for them when they want it.

You tell them how beautiful they are when they need to hear it.

You visit them when they ask for it.

You laugh with them when they´re happy.

You share everything with them because you want it...

When you love someone, you give them your everything. You´re always there when they need you, and you always come back after you leave. Loving a person is something so special for a human being. You can’t imagine living without them. What would that even be like?
To share everything with another person is very, very special. You open up yourself in a way you probably haven’t done to anyone else before. You attach yourself to them so much its weird being alone!

When you’re having a hard day working, just coming home, seeing that on particular person may make your day a lot better.

Laying in bed all alone, staring at the roof, thinking how good it would be if he or she was there laying next to you, falling asleep holding hands, like you always do.

How so much more exciting it is to do all the boring stuff you used to do alone, but with someone. Like go to the grocery store, watch a film, sleep, and even doing the dishes.

To have a rock in your life, suddenly makes things a lot easier for you. You know they’re there, and you know you can always, always have a shoulder to sleep on, lay on, hug, and cry on.

love love,

talk later!