Dear you,
lately I realized how much time I spend on my phone so I decided to have a day off and that's the result: a Challenge!

Let me explain you better ;)

Day 1

On Day 1 try to use less an app you always join. Set a goal like "Today I'm going to use this app only 5 times".
I tried this approach with Instagram and it worked, making me feel more free and in control of my life.

Day 2

Try to not enter at all an app you generally use a lot. If it helps you, you can delete or remove it from your home page, not seeing it will entice you less to open it ;)

Day 3

Take a "half " day off from your phone: you can only use 2/3 apps you think are very important but let the others behind

Day 4

Take a complete day off from your phone, from morning to midnight you won't turn your smartphone on. To feel less bored because you can't use it try to do other cool stuff like reading, watching a movie or a tv show, listening to a cd or a vinyl, meeting a friend, going for a walk...

aesthetic, red, and social media image

Through this challenge I wanna help you and make you realize that you don't need a smartphone to be happy there is so much more than that stupid screen you always look at!

I don't want to blame you because you use your phone a lot cause I use it a lot too! Don't make it a tragedy, just try to control it and not let it control you ;)


in case you were interested ;)