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today i thought to rank my top ten girl groups would be fun. this... will be a challenge. if anyone likes this i might do a boy group version which will be even harder because i stan like one boy group :) also, this changes a lot with the flow of comebacks so this could be valid for like a week or so. this list also includes my biases.


blackpink and ot4 image Image removed
my bias is jisoo but jennie has been trying me lately. blackpink used to be first but i just like other groups more idk


girl group, k-pop, and le image junghwa, exid, and hani image
idk if i really have a bias yet, but for now it's jeongwha and hani. i love you was SO good.

8. CLC

clc, kpop, and sorn image clc, kpop, and seunghee image
vocalist queen seunghee! stan clc


solar, mamamoo, and hwasa image solar, mamamoo, and blue;s image
solar but my bias changes like everyday. also they are all crackheads and i laugh so hard when they do like anything

6. (G)I-DLE

minnie, soyeon, and soojin image jeon soyeon, gidle, and song yuqi image
my bias used to be soojin but minnie has been lookin' real cute!i just binge-watched i-talk and i fell in love.


chinese, dream catcher, and dreamcatcher image dream catcher, dreamcatcher, and kpop image
HANDONG IS SO CUTE LOOK AT HER UWU! my gay crackheads never fail!


kpop, umji, and sowon image girl, kpop, and yewon image
mayhaps sowon is the cutest! (also she is an underrated visual!)i love my girls

the top three change places a lot, but this is how i rank them now!


loona and loona ot12 image Image removed
my bias line is vivi, choerry, and haseul but vivi is my ult uwu


girls, joy, and kpop image Temporarily removed
seulgi is just adorable :) also rbb might kill me


twice, kpop, and momo image Image removed
jihyo is my ult bias because she is the cutest and her smile kills me :)))) also twice are my ults along with loona and red velvet... don't ask me to choose. anyways, i love them!


aesthetic, bp, and gif image
thanks for reading!