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Have you ever wondered what is friendship all about?

I guess you did, especially when you have been hurt ...

I am not a big fan of multiple friendships only because I think in this case is not the more the merrier, but the more the "fakeier".

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But this article is not about fake friendships is about those persons close to my hearth. 

I might not talk with them daily, weekly or often in one word. We might not see each other for years, but at the end of the day if one of us calls the other, we pick up the phone and answer.

We help, advice and comfort each other. We are here and listen. At the end of the day we are still friends even if we don't post check-ins, or photos, even if we don't fake celebrate events of our lives by posting comments on facebook.

Lately I discovered that I have a friend that I did not knew about. How is this possible? Well, we  did not talked for a while and I was under the impression that this person is mad on me. 

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I was and am eternally thankful to this someone for opening my eyes when I mostly needed, (I did not realised at the begining, and have not told it until few days ago.) so I was upset that we might not talk ever again, but accepted from respect.

Things have changed when this person started talking to me again and told me that it is not mad, even more it sees me as a trusty person.

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I have to admit that at first I did not  really belived it, but it turned out to be true, and for this I feel like a really lucky person.

I offer my advice to anyone that hears it, but I am also a really difficult and different person so there are not many people around me.

I tried my best to be here for this human being, and I hope I succeeded.

We still don't make a fuss about us. We are still just the two of us, and it is good this way.

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We don't need to brag, to tell people. We enjoy each other, help and motivate.

We might not talk anymore, we might get cold again, but it is fine cause now I know that we are friends.

This person has a really special place in my hearth and it will have it for a really long time, even if I might not have it and in my opinion, this is what friendship is all about!

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This is all for now guys, see you soon!

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