Kinsley and Winnie are my roommates and I couldn't be happier. It's our second week at this school and I still am adjusting, but I love it. It's cool because we each have our own separate bedrooms. We share a bathroom, though.

Here's what my bedroom looks like.

bedroom, home, and room image

I can see the trees outside! It's beautiful - especially now that it's covered in flurries.

Oh, and this is our little lounge area. There's a TV straight ahead on the wall.

bedroom, disign, and garden image

There are tons of healing classes that I'm involved in. Your species determines what classes you take. So much better than human schools. I'm happy Winnie is here with us. She's pretending to be a wolf like Monroe. I'm just hoping no one snitches if they find out she's human. We have regular classes, too. The basics.

Every weekend we watch movies in our dorm. As you can tell, we're not the party girls. Winnie is crushing on the boy in the dorm across from ours. He's cute. I'm just waiting for her to make her move. It's definitely going to take some time.