I did this same article with Taylor Swift's Reputation album.

I thought I would love to do this same thing with this Little Mix album. Here are my favorite lyrics from every track of LM5 hope you like it 💕

1. The National Manthem

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She is a bad bitch made up of magic.

2. Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj)

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Insecure but I'm working with it

3. Think About Us

love, quotes, and sad image Copyrighted image
Cause I do, think about you. Can't shake you off, baby, stuck like glue

4. Strip (feat. Sharaya J)

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5. Monster In Me

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The monster in me loves the monster in you

6. Joan of Arc

cleopatra, old time, and retro image Mature image
Man, I feel like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Queen of Hearts, yeah

7. Love a Girl Right

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I'll be there for my girl always. She mean the whole world to me

8. American Boy

lonely, quotes, and grunge image alone, sad, and quotes image
And if you're at home, baby, are you alone?

9. Told You So

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I told you, but I'm never gonna say I told you so

10. Wasabi

song, tumblr, and say it to my face image quotes and you image
All the ugly things you say. Come and say 'em to my face

11. More Than Words (Feat. Kamille)

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Oh, you save me in ways that I can't explain

12. Motivate

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Want him to dive in my ocean

13. Notice

;), back, and bath image brunette, flowers, and love yourself image
So, what's the point of wearing nothing if you never notice?

14. The Cure

animals image sunflower, yellow, and flowers image
This happiness was always inside me, but lord, it took a minute to find me

15. Forget You Not

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Now I'm passing people in the street, wishing they were you

16. Woman's World

beautiful and woman image feminism, quotes, and woman image
Know that there will be a day when everyone's treat the same.

17. Only You

alone, crowd, and dark image alone, sad, and quotes image
I went following the sun to be alone with everyone. Ooh, looking 'round a crowded room