I realized that i have been on WHI for so long & have yet to introduce myself to all 44k+ of my angels. So, today i have decided to tell you all a little about me ❤️

1. ➵ I am African American and Puerto Rican

2. ➵ I was born & raised in the Virgin Islands so i am Caribbean. i moved to the states when i was 5 years old & have been living here ever since

3. ➵ I am 16 years old, very young i know. I turn 17 on the 13th of February. {Aquarius Gang}

4. ➵ My favorite foods are baked mac & cheese & shrimp/chicken alfredo 😍 i can live off of those for the rest of my life if i needed to

5. ➵ I am a Junior in High School. I graduate in 2020 & honestly i can’t wait

6. ➵ My favorite holiday will forever be CHRISTMAS 🎄 it makes me feel all warm & happy

7. ➵ My favorite Christmas movies are: The Polar Express & recently: A Christmas Prince & The Princess Switch. (i definitely recommend those on Netflix)

8. ➵ I have brown eyes

9. ➵ I have a boyfriend. He’s the cutest human being ever & he makes me the happiest girl in the world ♡

10. ➵ I have 2 siblings - an older brother & a younger sister. Yes, i am the middle child sadly.

11. ➵ My two favorite colors are green & pink! they have been since i was a little girl & it’s staying that way

12. ➵ I have an accent. People always think i am speaking Jamaican but no, it’s just broken english ): not Jamaican at all

13. ➵ I love to travel. In the future, i plan on traveling a lot & visiting many different places & learning about new cultures

14. ➵ I love sweets! Chocolate, cakes, pies, macaroons, you name it

15. ➵ My all time favorite tv show is Gossip Girl !!

16. ➵ I have an obsession with fuzzy blankets & anything fuzzy in general. My bed is literally filled with many blankets

17. ➵ I love coffee

18. ➵ In the future, i want to have 2 kids - a boy & a girl

19. ➵ I have curly hair

20. ➵ I go by Jahnai but that is my middle name. My first name starts with an A & is french. My last name is very long & it is German :)

That’s all for today! It’s been a very long time since i have made an article & after this one, i probably won’t make one again simply because i feel like i cannot write as good & i am not that creative. I hope you all enjoyed 💕 Ily