Hello, my lovelies! Today I'm bringing you the second part of this series. Now that we have our basic and essential clothing, let's move to the next step: Shoes & Accessories.

Don't forget to read part 1 if you haven't already


As I said in my last article, buy according to your lifestyle. I decided to choose 5 shoes, but remember, adapt this to your likes and to your lifestyle.

- Sneakers

Sneakers are a must, they are comfortable and stylish. There's a lot of different types of sneakers, so if you're more into heels or cute shoes you'll still find something to your liking. Moreover, you can wear them every season and dress them up or down.

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- Running shoes

It's very important to have special shoes for running or working out. These will keep your feet in the correct position and will prevent you from getting injured.
Running shoes can be cute and you can get some for a good price, specially on Black Friday.

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- Black Heels

They will go with everything, jeans, skirts, dresses... Depending on your ability to walk in heels you can get a pair of high skinny heels, or if you're like me and you struggle a little when it comes to walking in heels, short and chunky heels will be perfect for you.

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- Boots

Ankle boots, knee high boots, high heel boots, platform boots... there's plenty to choose from. Boots are perfect for this season, they will make you look good and will keep you warm too.

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- Flat shoes & Slides

Perfect for the summer

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- Crossbody

Super comfortable, these will look good with all your outfits.

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- Clutch

Add a nice classy touch to your outfit with a clutch. Not only for special occasions, also for every day and for casual outfits.

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- Fanny Pack

These are still trendy, you can find all types of fanny packs, and they can look very classy too. Wear them on your waist or across the chest.

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- Backpack

Cute and comfy. Wear them to school, to go shopping, to have a photoshoot...

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- Tote bag

The most essential bag, perfect for your bossy outfits.

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2. Jewelry

- Hoops

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- Pearl/diamond earrings

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- Dangle earrings

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- Choker

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- Collar

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- Watch

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- Simple bracelet

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- Cute ring

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This is it for today's article. I hope this was helpful :) See you tomorrow in the last article of this series <3

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