Get rid of a limiting belief that you have about yourself or your abilities.

So, this one really is prefect for this day. Yes, it is hard to acutlly write that I'm getting rid of a belief about my abilities, since I just need to get rid of it. Still, I do want to write about this.

This day has been amazing in all different ways, but at the same time it has been so ordinary. Strange, huh? But I mean, life works in strange ways.

However, my limiting belief that I have about myself or my abilities is quite similar to what I wrote yesterday. Today I did all those necessary things in school, handed in so many things, but I felt good. That's a first. No anxiety there, which was so nice. Apparently I can do things without that strong fear of failure sometimes. Fear of failure has really been limiting me, since I then though I was not good enough. Is it gone forever now, after just one day? No ,I do not think so, but mabye it will go in the right direction now.

Then, today something magical happened as well. I read so of the comment my teachers wrote about the tests I have done recently and I... I felt happy, I almost felt proud. It was so strange, but, like, in that moment I felt like I could do anything. I still feel like that. As if the only one limiting me is myself. And, it is just like that. I think I can't do something and works so hard even though I know I won't make it, and then I feel nothing when I get the thing back. I just think it's usual t get an A on every test, but is SO is not. It is amazing, and I can do it but still have some spare time. I limit myself in the way that I think to be amazing is normal, but NO. Mabye I should be proud over myself. Mabye we all should be proud over ourselves.

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But guys, don't try to hard, okay? Everything in moderation, it is important to take breaks as well.

- Ronja K