you remind me of the waves of the ocean like how the waters form a big curve on the surface, it’s clear and cool and it is because of the wind— i am the wind. my purpose complements your being, therefore the waves come crashing touching lives, touching lands.

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you remind me of night sky, you appear like the constellations waiting for me to see. you give me the light, and the satisfaction to desperate eyes in need of light and love. you’re not vague nor vivid, because i know you’re there, i see you, i feel your presence. even when there’s distance, i know you’re there.

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you remind me of a ferris wheel. it’s scary to see, it’s scary to be in. but when you’re up there, you’ll see everything, that life has to offer. for a moment you forget everything else except the beauty of the world, you make me understand that it’s okay to take risks and that risks make the ride worth it.

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you make me whole. you make me happy. you make me sane and calm and loved it. it’s the simple things that make a person optimistic. i’ve never seen before it but now i do, you are one of those simple things. its crazy how you make me appreciate everything, even the worse. you make me ponder and wonder about the things that remind me of you. i hope you know those things i said, they remind me of you.