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it's my first time doing a challenge.
Let's start!
I was tagged by one of my fav bloggers on WHI: @kpopmaknae
The Original Challenge

1. What's Your Zodiac Sign?

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I'm a Libra.

2. Where Would You Go If You Could Go Anywhere?

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South Korea. It's been my dream since high school days, but I've never got the chance to go there. Now that I'm studying Korean I think that the time is finally coming.

3. Which Celebrity Do You Look Up To?

I like passionate people who work hard for what they believe in without forgetting who they are.
lee hyori image lee hyori, 이효리, and hyori image
Lee Hyori
yoo ah in, yoo ahin, and yoo ah-in image yoo ah in, yoo ahin, and yoo ah-in image
Yoo Ah In
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They are three people who are themselves in their own way.
Lee Hyori is a strong independent woman who knows her own way.
Yoo Ah In is a man who's never scared to speak his mind, even if it may attract the hate of people who can't accept an opinion who's different from theirs.
And last but not least there's the sweet IU that, even after turning in a successful artist, never forgot what humility and kindness are.

4. What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

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Staying at home and spending most of the night reading, listening to music and writing about possible scenarios.

5. Are You A Mountain Or Sea Person?

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I was born and grew up in a sea city. The sea has a great power on me and I could never imagine myself living far away from it. I was lucky till now since all the cities I lived in were sea cities.

6. Which Songs Always Cheer You Up?

Gay Bar by Electric Six
Try to sing out loud this song, you will feel relieved and full of power

7. Is There A Fantasy World You Would Like To Live In, if so, Which One?

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Even though it is not what you call a peaceful dimension, I would like to live in the world of Tower of God. TOG is one of the most famous webtoons in Korea. I love all the characters of the story and I would like to fight next to them, especially with Wolhaiksong organisation.

8. What's Your Lucky Number?

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9. If You Could Choose One Element for Bending, What Would It Be?

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10. What Is One Thing You Can't Live Without?

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11. What's Your Favorite Sad Song(s)?

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  • Blue by bigbang
  • Satellite by Saltnpaper
  • Opening my eyes by Zitten
  • Elevator by Jonghyun
  • Caruso by Lucio Dalla
  • Ninna Nanna by Pink Martini
  • I giardini di Marzo by Lucio Battisti
  • Concerto by Gli Alunni del Sole
  • Unfortunate Guy by Kim Kwang-Suk
  • Ohio by Hyukoh

I made a playlist for you ahah

12. Which App Are You Addicted To?

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Instagram, Weheartit, Animal Crossing, Webtoon

13. Are You A Morning or An Evening Person?

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I'm a night owl. I like it when everything starts to get silent, it's so relaxing.

14. Who's Your Favorite Youtuber?

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I love Seoul Mafia and Ashley Choi yt channels. Seoul Mafia is an Italian blogger who talks about his life in South Korea with funny videos. Ashley Choi is a former member of Ladies Code. Her videos are aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. Their channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgZal48immLk-GMmWar6-yg https://www.youtube.com/user/ashleych0i

15. If You Could Switch Your Life With Someone For A Day, Who Would It Be?

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The graceful Krystal. She is my ultimate bias.

16. What's Your Favorite Colour?

Image removed flowers, purple, and lavender image Image by Gayane Karapetjan pokemon, pink, and jigglypuff image
Violet and Pink

17. What's A Random Interest or Passion of Yours?

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Literature, Writing, Art, History, Fashion and Photography

18. Do You Prefer Sunrises or Sunsets?

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19. What's Your Favorite Swear Word?

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I almost said it ahah

20. If You Could Ask Your Future Self One Question, What Would It Be?

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Did you eat?
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[17's ani]
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