that day when i said
“see you later”
i never knew “later”
would turn out to be “never”.
if only I could have one more day
before the angels took you away
i would’ve held you in an embrace
and gently stroked your face
i would’ve told you to be brave
and that you’d be safe.
if only i’d known that was our last goodbye
i would’ve tried hard not to cry
but stayed right by your side
i would’ve sung you a lullaby
and let you know
you’re my joy and my pride.
life seems quiet without you.
you were far more than a pet. you were my family.
a loving soul i'll never forget
you were such a great companion. constant, loyal and true.
a million words would not bring you back, i know because i tried.
a million tears would not being you back either, i know because i cried.
goodbyes always make my throat hurt, i need more hellos.
rest in peace. a beautiful soul is never forgotten. accepting that you are gone is so difficult.