name: Eira meaning ''snow"

age: 16

birth date: April 8th, 2002

zodiac sign: Aries

most likely hogwarts house: Ravenclaw.

likes: nature, flowers, glittery objects, animals, crystals, books and painting.

favorite colors: lavender, white and brown.


Temporarily removed girl, freckles, and beauty image Image removed hair, flowers, and purple image
I would have beautiful lavender hair which would be admired by all the fairies, ocean blue eyes and lovely freckles.

dress style:

Temporarily removed art, flowers, and painting image dress, girl, and vintage image girl, nature, and vintage image
I'd be obsessed with white dresses and gowns.


lips, pink, and glitter image Temporarily removed
Eira is not very fond of makeup, she doesn't apply it very often but when she does, she only puts some eyeshadow on her eyes and a lip gloss.


quotes, universe, and header image art, quotes, and pink image Temporarily removed quotes, stars, and sun image
she's sensitive, imaginative, creative and intelligent and she's happy all the time.


animal, flowers, and deer image flowers, purple, and color image Temporarily removed purple, crystal, and aesthetic image
Growing lavender-colored flowers from the palm of my hand and creating crystals from sand.


fairy, wings, and aesthetic image aesthetic, Fairies, and fairytale image
I would have enchanting silver wings which would throw glitter everywhere they flutter and they would turn gold when i'd get excited.


nature, fairy, and fairytale image aesthetic, anne, and anne of green gables image nature, lake, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and amazing image
i'd have a little cozy house in the forest.


light, aesthetic, and crystal image heart, hearts, and rainbow image book, autumn, and vintage image flowers, theme, and aesthetic image
experimenting with crystals, reading about humans and painting.

so that's it for this article, i hope u enjoyed, have a lovely day, bye!

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