Hi everyone! 🍭

On November 26th my WeHeartIt account will turn one year since it was first created. I decided to write this article to tell you about my experience, my opinion about this platform and how it has helped me overall.

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I first created this account just to share my love and admiration for the kpop band BTS. In fact, the first collection I ever created was:

It's got over 900 hearts at the moment and has the most followers out of all my collections! However, I worked really hard to find pictures that matched my interests, my likes and mix together so nicely so it could form my opinion about BTS through pictures.
Did it work? I do hope it did.

After a while, though, I began scrolling for different things. And I started creating soooo many more collections. I got from a 'BTS-only' account to one that has various subjects that interest me and represent some of my hobbies/passions.
Some of my favorite collections are:

I feel like those first collections are also the ones I've put most work into. They are like my own babies (if it makes sense). They have grown so much and they keep growing.
For instance, this is a comparison between the first and the latest photo hearted in the fashion collection:

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About a month later, I found out about the existence of articles! And guess who has just found a new thing to try and fall in love with afterwards? This girl who writes this while listening to 'A Star Is Born' soundtrack!
The first article I have ever written was:

Sure, it was dedicated mostly to ARMYs, but everyone was more than welcome to read it! I didn't want to make a difference/choose my viewers. I wanted to create a friendly environment with my first article, tell people what I liked and loved. And somehow that got me so far!

I kept writing and writing and some of these articles are also my most appreciated:

But I've written them with my heart, I've poured my soul in them and tried to make them approachable and friendly. I've always liked writing (whether on paper or online); it is one of my passions and my hobbies and with WHI I get to do it whenever I want to! And I'm so grateful for that!

Moreover, this year I have reached 1.5k followers, which I didn't think it was possible. Mainly because all I did was write from my perspective, with little objective views once in a while, but it was what I thought and what I experienced.
That is why I will say how thankful I am for every follower and for every message I've received, thanking me for writing that article or for posting this picture! I am happy I can make someone else's day a little better.
In fact, that was my main purpose after all. I wanted to show people that there can be kindness and love; that not everybody is mean and cruel; I wanted to make a difference with my account. And I hope I did.

Last, but not least, thank you to all WHI creators for making this platform so beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and helpful to everyone out there. It's like an escape for me, but it's also more than that. It's also my passion coming to life!

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