Today I realized it's Thansgiving (we don't celebrate it in our country and church this time of the year), so I started thinking, what I am thankful for. As I am nowdays going through a harder time, I have a tougher decision making about this.
I know that there's a lot of negativity around me - people talking about how they are dissapointed with almost everything and how only they are the ones right and everybody else is wrong.
So I am trying to look above everything else, what other people opinions are and above what is now happening in my soul and heart.
Maybe some things listed here will be just basic and non-original at all. But I wanted to write this down, so it would remind all of us what things we take for granted and what should we cherish more in our lives.

Enjoy! :)))

Free country

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I am from Slovakia and I am truly thankful that we have no war here, we have freedom of speech, we can freely walk on our streets and represent what we stand for.


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I am glad that we have many options in choosing either High school or University/College and receive an appropriate education.


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I wouldn't trade my parents for any other parents in the world. I am so thankful for them. For how they brought me up and that they are praying for me constantly.


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I could put this together with family actually, cause church is that for me - one big amazing family. I can't even imagine not being part of it.


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"It's about the people who recognize your inner beauty."


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I think if God did not create animals, we all would be missing an major amount of happiness in our lives.


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Right now I am really thankful for the newest album from the Casting Crowns. It encourages me and lifts me up in this tough season. I want to share with you just a little bit from it:

Your fear isn't dark enough
Your pit isn't deep enough
Your lie isn't loud enough
To keep Him away from you
The Father made the way for you
The Son killed the grave for you
Let His Spirit come alive in you
Are you tired of the running?
(Even When You're Running)


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I can't even explain in my own words what He is to me and how Great He is. He is everything. His mere existence is everything and that He cares for me and loves me gives me hope for every day.