babe, we've come so far and lost so much. i dont think we're meant for each other, yet we are forever linked. we are a duo, a pair, fit together like twisted, jagged, and broken puzzle pieces.

we're over. but here is a list of things that remind me of you.

las vegas

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do you remember that weekend we first got together? i set off to las vegas the next day. i remember laying under the covers in the bed in the living room area of the hotel room, texting you late at night with the curtains drawn back so i could see all of the strip. las vegas carries your spirit in my mind, and i can vividly recall your jokes about driving there to meet me, and about being caught up in the energy of vegas as i walked around the streets, grinning because of you.

fall out boy's save rock and roll

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the first night we were in vegas, i chose to finally listen to this album. every single song seems tied to vegas, and to an extent, you. the album carries the energy of our relationship as well. i wouldnt trade it for the world yet it is bitter. it is youthful and filled with rebellion, but it will always end.


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remember the switzerland trip? for a plan that took place only in a group chat, i can remember it so vividly. its silly but i still think about going to switzerland with you. if we lasted, i wouldve loved to get engaged there. like we pretended we were gonna all that time ago. has it been 2 years already? i don't really know what switzerland is like in person, but i wanna find out with you.


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maps. to anyone else, that would seem like a silly thing to associate with you. but, that's what ive known you as. the first time i messaged you, your username was the cartographer. now, i call you another version of that name. 2 years ago, i didn't know what a cartographer was. now, i know, but i'll always think of you.

min karlek

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you said you were swedish the first year. you said you knew swedish, and though it was silly considering you were not going by that time zone, i wanted to believe you. you called me min karlek. it means my love. you're the reason i want to learn swedish, you know? i always forget about that pet name, but sometimes i will hear or see it and be reminded of you. god, i shouldn't want you back but. sometimes i really just want to hear you call me that again.


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"i can't remember your name", you had said. the first two letters of my username had been 'ot' back then, and with that small sound you crafted a nickname for me i still sometimes use today. otter. your otter. if you look at my username on here, you will see it starts with otter. that's because it was like a second name to me. i aimlessly pined for you for months, but you seemed so distant. in the course of a day we fixed our friendship, and you calling me otter after so long was a triumphant moment.

theres so much more that fill my memories of you. like billboards. and diners. but i think this is a good list that shows that i love you in a weird twisted way, as i can never voice it to you, and i know it could never happen in real life. in a sense, you were my first proper love, but our drawn out love story has reached its end and we must accept that.

so this is a way to let you go.