Rosabella Rivera



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Rosabella's family is from Beverly Hills, California


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Rosabella is Veronica's cousin. Rosabella decided she needed to get away from her life in California and asked to stay with her beloved cousin, Veronica


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Rosabella has blue eyes, medium length brown with blonde hair, wears glasses, and always wears the same necklace


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Rosabella doesn't care much for rules and does as she pleases. She has a childlike heart and a big heart but hates lies and unfairness


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Rosabella has a very girly style, her favorite colors are white and any shade of pink. she's always showing some type of skin and doesn't care what anyone thinks of it


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Rosabella usually finds herself distracted a lot and ends up doodling, she loves shopping, she also loves to write and take pictures and loves playing her guitar


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When Rosabella arrived in Riverdale, Veronica took her to meet her friends and they automatically got along. Rosabella also managed to befriend the SouthSide Serpents


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Fangs and Rosabella met not long after she got to Riverdale. Rosabella was lost and ran into some trouble with some Ghoulies, thankfully Fangs found you before anything happened and helped her out. Rosabella returned the favor the day of the riot. She found Fangs hurt and decided to for help