"And find the place where every single thing you see tells you to stay"

That was the final clue on the newspaper Paidi found. After 4 lingering weeks of challenges and witty quotes he had finally gotten the last one.

Paidi was the youngest member of an ancient club of historians. He was also the only one who had a darker skin that matched eerily with his copper hair.

Sadly, not even the smoke of his own cigarette could deliver some clarity to this new mystery. He was in the main building of this club. Many gentlemen who were the patriarchs of the most prominent families of Chicago often gathered in galant meetings to discuss historical matters.

Paidi couldn't wait for the 70's to be over already. Turning over to the window he could clearly appreciate the mist over the outskirts of town. The snow had already started to show off by lightly covering the pines of the nearby forest.

"What on earth could be a place that tells me to stay?" He wondered. The previous clues were simpler. They would guide him through deserted libraries, abandoned buildings and even to a burlesque show. He couldn't quite imagine a place that would speak to him.

As if his thoughts have been heard, he saw what at first seemed a mirage. A glimpse of a reddish light was faintly distinguished through the snow. Paidi coughed his smoke awkwardly before grabbing the keys of his car and exiting the club as discreetly as possible.

As he drove through the chilly road, snow started to fall so lightly that it could be confused with floating rain. Suddenly, he did hear something. It wasn't quite a voice, but a shadow sound.

He then parked near a road and grabbing his camera, decided to catch this moment. The sunlight was barely perceptible due the snow, but the tiny rays created an eerie effect that Paidi considered perfect for his style.

Down a road he heard a low tsk tsk. As he turned, he saw a girl with red hair that matched the feeling that had gotten him out of the club.

"Leonora..." He whispered, half aware that he just acknowledged knowing the name of a complete stranger that still, seemed so... close.

"You're dreaming, Paidi" She called back in an emergency tone.
"How do you know me?" His voice was so calm. The girl couldn't be older than 25. She wore daringly short denim shorts that highlighted her slender figure and thick thighs. She wasn't wearing any shoes. Was she lost?
"Follow me. You have to stay with me. You had gotten this far for a reason" She claimed approaching dangerously close to him. Although, Paidi felt no fear at all.
"What are you saying? How did you come back?" Somehow he knew he hadn't seen Leonora in quite some time.
"I haven't. You're the one who's gone baby. Please, stay" She caressed his cheeks with a longing look in her eyes.

Paidi saw a flashback that included ambulance lights, chaos and screams. He let go of Leonora and stepped back.

"I have to go back to the club" He said to himself looking for a cigarette nervously. When he remember he had left them in the car, he noticed Leonora started to walk through a clear path. It has stopped snowing and the sunlight was brightening the road.

Unexpectedly, Paidi's memories about the club started to seem very unrealistic. It was just a bunch of pretentious old men who mocked the youngster's efforts of solving the mysterious messages in the newspaper. Nothing there was telling him to stay.

Something inside of him urged him to follow Leonora. He just hoped it wasn't too late. Between the now and the sun, he jumped.

Paidi's room in the care centre smelled like wood and forest. All around him were quite a deal of floral arrangements with little notes. "Remember the yellow shoe?"
"Find me at the nearest and most lonely pumpkin pie kingdom"
As he sat on his bed he felt another piece of paper in his hand. Carefully folded, the pinkish note read: "And find the place where every single thing you see tells you to stay".

Laying at the bottom part of the bed was his dear Leonora, deeply asleep. He stroked her hair hoping for her to wake up and notice he was back.

"Paidi..." Although a part of her couldn't believe her love has awoken from a month coma, she climbed on top of him and hugged tight. "Do you know how many times I begged for you to stay?" She whispered in his hear.
"I got your notes... Every week" .
"What are you saying?" She laughed playfully and looked at him deeply.
"I'm saying it's solved".