I saw him yesterday and i wasnt going to waste my chance so i went up to him and i wanted to tell him i still loved him and if he would give me another chance to fix whatever i did but... i couldnt get it out of my mouth so i said nvm and left my friends just stared and laughed at me i kept walking though later on he texted me asking what i wanted to tell him and i told him he said he just didnt like me like that and i got really upset but at least he told me after that we didnt talk today i texted him and i told him "Hey. How are you?" and he texted back "why??" and i said "i dont know i was just thinking about you" and he said "oh...." i replied saying yep your always on my mind and then i said i have to go um bye i love you well.. he left me on open so for 11:11 i posted him on my story