You ever start overthinking situations and words people say? I do. When someone doesn't deny what I told them, in my mind it's true. They are doing that thing I'm afraid of; they are talking to that person. From there my mind travels to a lot of places. Suddenly I get this feeling of being unwanted and loss. Is it all true or is it just in my head? It's probably just in my head, but my thoughts torment me. Arguments from going from one topic to another but I'm still thinking about the first thing I mentioned. And words were very minimum. I don't feel reassured. I feel worst than when I first talked about my thoughts. Sometimes I think it's just me. Then I know it is me. It's a weird thing. I can't comprehend what goes through my mind, but all I know is that it sucks and I'm alone during this sucky moment. I can't think, my chest burns, my hands are cold, and my soul feels numb. I'm struggling to find a way to deal with this. I'm doing it alone and it seems impossible to get over it. But it's going to get better. I just need time.