some things you can get at all the prices, however I do not want to repeat it every price change


aesthetic, theme, and soft image aesthetic and socks image
scrunchies image Temporarily removed
3, gift, and iTunes image pink, Victoria's Secret, and girly image
Gift card(s) (Australian examples - forever new, cotton on, colette , bras and things)
beach, summer, and polaroid image instax, vacation, and polaroid image
Fujifilm instant film
book, aesthetic, and milk and honey image love and quotes image
Poetry Book(s) eg. 'Milk and Honey' By Rupi Kaur
festival, firework, and night image austria, firework, and beautiful image
other: pens, pencils, phone case, some candles, beauty products, card games, stickers, note book, coloring book


beautiful, beauty, and clothes image autumn, beautiful, and beauty image
Clothes - (depending where you shop. you can find tops, jeans, belts, shoes, hats, sunglasses, shorts, leggings and more items for between $20 and $50)
Image by Cris Figueiredo accessories, jewelry, and gold image
Jewelry - also depending where you shop. (examples: rings, necklaces (long, short, layers, chokers, locket), earrings (studs, hoops, dangling), belly button jewelry, bracelets (normal, charms for a charm bracelet), watches
cd, aesthetic, and sad image purple, aesthetic, and cd image
CD - that contains a movie or music.
dentelle, flesh, and lace image handmade, lingerie, and fashion blog image
undies and bralette - (depending where you shop)
Inspiring Image on We Heart It filters, filter, and others image
other (depending on where you shop and the product): video games, makeup, hair products, skin care, body scrub, shower speaker, journal, art book,


Abusive image black, fashion, and underwear image
Bras + Bras & Undies Sets, Bodysuit,
Temporarily removed room, bedroom, and clothes image
black, handbags, and liquorbrand image clutch, fashion, and handbag image
Handbag (long handles, short handled, shoulder bag, back pack, clutch, purse)
black and white, vans, and sneakers image theme image
Shoes (boots, sneakers, heels, flats, sandals, flip flops, knee length boots)
denim, style, and jeans image Image removed
Jacket or/and Coat
Temporarily removed friends, wine, and drink image
pay for a meal for them / buy them drinks