if I was a character in Riverdale!

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her name is Luna Elizabeth Thornheart-Jones, she has brown and blue hair and hazel eyes
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Riverdales ex-rich girl. her dad killed her mom (Alison Lysin) in front of her little sister and little brother (both her half siblings from her fathers affairs) her little sister was put into adoption and her little brother was sent to live with his mother, but was later killed by the blackhood. Lunas older brother was Malachi. Luna is later adopted by the Jones. She is a bisexual icon and loves musicals.
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Luna is a Rivervixen, Serpent and likes to steal Archies letterman jacket and pretend she's on the football team
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she would def love to write like Jughead and she could probs read for hours. Luna would love to watch Netflix and I can see her learning how to use shurikens to defend herself (like Cheryl with her bow and arrow)
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Luna is totally in love with Sweet Pea. They go on little dates at Pop's and she roots for him while he plays basketball (she wears his jersey whoops). He comes to Rivervixen practice and will cuddle with her while watching The Office or playing video games (mY HEART)
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Ummmm so Luna is #1 Choni shipper, I stg she ships it more then Cheryl herself. Luna also LOVES Betty and by LOVES I mean she absolutely adores her and Jugs her older brother so she obviously loves him. Luna is Archies best friend, Archie and her are closer then V and Archie (Luna highkey hates Veronica whoops. She doesn't want Archie getting hurt. Same with Archie when he finds out about Sweet Pea oop) also I KNOW Luna would be in that scene with Archie not Betty, sorry Betts. Also #swangs but #swuna is thriving. Luna loves Fangs and ships him with Kevin before the whole Musical ep. thing

so yeah! I hope y'all enjoyed!