ah, the chaos
there is beauty in chaos
at least that's what most people think
it's really beautiful, when it's not destroying you
but whoever is being destroyed is always writing
or singing
or drawing
or drowning
each has his own way of getting rid of chaos
i write about you
i think about you everyday
every second
you are my first and last thought
and when i'm not thinking about you
i'm dreaming about you
i write about you
but not because you are part of my chaos
not because i want to forget you
i write because i don't want to feel pain
you left me again and i don't know when you're coming back
but i know you're breaking
i see pieces falling from you
i see you trying to heal with alcool
i see you committing the same mistakes i made
it must hurt a lot.
it used to hurt a lot in me too
it must be horrible to live in my chaos.
it must be more horrible not knowing how to leave
i hope you get well
and i know you will
when you're ready to fix this mess
call me
you know where to find me

- você sabe quem eu sou