everything you left and i wish you would have taken

i´m fine now
the though of you comes and goes like tidal wave in my mind
it only hurts when you arrive the shore
the memories come with the sea foam
they tempt me to get in there
and swim among everything we have been trough
everything we have been
but i know that if i do
i will never be able to get my head off the water
i will drown
so i wait until the water draws away
and i´m fine once again
but i know the tidal wave will go up again

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tidal wave

it is impossible to believe everything we had has almost completely vanished
i feel i don´t even know you anymore
i can´t make you laugh or even smile
i can´t make you see me
and still
my love for you could never stop being so real and pure and painful

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i was moving on
you barely apeared in my thounghts
i almost felt happiness
the time i spend with you did not hurt anymore
and i felt i was fine
until i saw you with her

oh, honey, how naive
how could i ever think i could stand the tought of another girl touching every spot of your perfect body
or loving every single corner of you soul

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