to: Wanna One
from: Wannable from Brazil โ™ฅ

wanna one, ์‹ญ์ผ์›”์˜๋ด„๋ฐ”๋žŒ, and wannaspringbreeze image

โ” โ—Œ โœง หŽ หŠ ห— good evening my little angels!! how are you? i knew they had a great career in a year and a three-month group. i love you very much. each of you deserves all the love in the world. I could not have accompanied you from the beginning, but the love is the same as the one I've been with since Produce 101. you were, in the mean time, i accompanied you, light, joy and emotion every day in my life. i decided to love yourself knowing that it would be for a short time. thank you for making me happy in such a short time, which few people were able to do, Wanna One, i'll be with you until the end, i won't give up on you. each one has a very special meaning in my life, i hope you can remember the Wannables in their sad days, the love each one has for you, and on the happiest days. Wanna One is a part of me. you deserve the world. thank you for everything, i know that officially isn't the end, each one has a long life ahead. i love you so much!! i have not had the opportunity to meet them in person, but i believe you are amazing and wonderful people. it was nice to meet you, 11 angels!!! ๐Ÿ’Œ

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