Hello! I saw someone do this this tag and i was like hey i like Why Don't We and tags so why not do this!

If you don't who these fine studs are then your living your life wrong... jk live your life however you want, anyway they're 5 dorks in this band (or should i say man band...lol) and they were formed as a group September 27, 2016. Alright I'll stop rambling and do the tag:)

When did you first find out about them?

I think it was early February in 2017 when I was watching one of Logan Pauls vlogs and it was the one where the boys came to Logans apartment and filmed Nobody Gotta Know.

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When did you actually become a fan of them?

I mean right after I saw Logans vlog I was finding them on Insta, Twitter, snapchat, and YouTube. I even made a fan account like 2 months later but I don't really use anymore

What was the very first song you heard from them?

Nobody Gotta Know

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Who is your favorite and why?

I'm always swerving lanes but at the moment its Corbyn Besson. He's just a ray of sunshine and I can't help but smile when i see anything about him. He got me a little obsessed with space and also I actually met him last year :D

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What is your favorite song?

I really love Friends at the moment but I love all of their songs

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Have you seen them in concert? If yes, when and where?

Yes i saw them for the first time on September 9th, 2017 at the Memphis (which is where I live) Delta fair.Me and my friend were on our way there and I told my friend that Corbyn was at Fire House Subs (because he tweeted) and so we pulled into a random parking lot to see if we could find where it was and we happened to be RIGHT next to where the restaurant was and we walked in and the first thing i noticed was Corbyns boosted board and then i looked straight ahead and Corbyn was filling up his drink:))) I was exploding haha and the second time I saw them was in Nashville on February 28th, 2018. p.s. sorry I look really bad in that picture with Corbyn

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What is your favorite music video they've released?

It's between Invitation and Talk. Those are my two favorites.

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What is your favorite Interview?

I love many of their interviews because theyre jus so funny but I really love the one with Zach Sang Show

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What are your favorite lyrics and why?

If all it is is 8 letters
Why is it so hard to say?

This is one of my favorite lyrics EVER because it has such a strong meaning to it and its just an overall amazing song!

If you could tell the boys anything, what would it be?

I would tell them that they mean everything to me and that they make me laugh to matter what and always put a smile on my face!! I love them so much they are the best thing thats ever happened to me!!...besides One Direction and 5sos :))

This isn't part of the tag but i just have to shout out Eben for being such a great show opener for the boys!! If you haven't heard any of his music before I recommend it. He has some awesome music!!

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So I hope you enjoyed this tag, BYE!