hEllO, dreamers, i've been thinking about my favorites songs for life and i came up with a playlist of these songs for you, guys.

these songs are sad, happy, intense... random ones, but they all came from my soul and heart.

let's start!

ivy by frank ocean
ivy is a song with angel energy. i confess it was super hard to choose only one frank ocean song, cause he's an amazing singer, and has these super intense songs that i can't stop thinking about it. he really don't mess around. i love, my baby.

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we find love by daniel caesar
daniel is art and his songs are the most beautiful. i confess that it was also difficult to choose only one song because he's one of my favorite singers. he has such pure energy and sings in an angelic way.

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come on eileen by dexys midnight runners
i love this song, it has such a lively energy and it makes me want to dance wherever I'm listening to it. It's just a song that makes me happy and makes my soul wear a dress and dance in the middle of a ballroom.

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daddy issues by the neighbourhood
who reads my articles knows how much i'm in love with the neighborhood, and daddy issues is my favorite song of them, mainly because it describes exactly my personality and my relationship with my father. it's so intense and it takes me deep in my soul.

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visions of gideon by sufjan stevens
i love call me by your name and this is one of the songs that plays in the movie. Sufjan is just incredible and this song is one of his soul touching works.

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under pressure by david bowie and queen
i love queen, and bowie singing with them is just a classic that should be adored. I love classics and this song is that kind of song that I sing until my throat starts to hurt, and I dance until my body starts to sweat.

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stronger than me by amy winehouse
i love this woman and I love this song. I kind of imagine someone drinking a glass of wine and dancing half naked in the middle of the room. listen to all the album aka frank, cause it is a fucking masterpiece.

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my heart belongs to daddy by eartha kitt
I LOVE THIS WOMAN. SHE WAS SO POWERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL. i love her singing christmas songs, but this song is amazing, i love dancing listening to it.

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non, je ne regretter rien by édith piaf
I love french music and Edith Piaf sings wonderfully well. this song is very special to me because it is the soundtrack of my favorite movie aka the dremers, and it is played in the last scene, which makes everything sadder and more intense. In fact, I call you dreamers because of this movie.

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diamonds are a girl's best friend by marilyn monroe

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we live fast by lou val
i found this song a short time ago, but I just put it here, because it was part of several moments of my life recently. It makes me happy, but at the same time sad, but not too sad, it's as if it made me think more.

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you by the 1975
the 1975 is my favorite band for life. they're beautiful souls lighting up my life every day. and you is such a intense song, it really makes me cry and dance at the same time. i love it.

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505 by arctic monkeys
i've heard arctic monkeys for so long and 505 has always been my favorite song. So sad, but so beautiful (I think I'm so pretty on the outside, but super sad inside, like 505). If you still had not heard, please listen.

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hurricane by panic at the disco
did you think beebo would not be in that playlist? He should be first, because I love this man. hurricane is my favorite song from my favorite brendon's album, but I would put high hopes here as well and roaring 20s. high hopes because it's a beautiful song about reaching dreams and roaring 20s is a song that makes me very happy. hurricane has one of the most incredible quotes I've ever read: "I lead the revolution in my bedroom"

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I cannot remember all the songs I love, but these are some of them. I hope to do a part two of that playlist.

See you soon, dreamers! xX

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