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Summer is upon us! Let's be honest, sometimes the holidays can get a bit dry, especially when they are so long.. .

So . . .
I have compiled a list of activities to do in your holiday to make it meaningful, special and memorable
I hope you find this article enjoyable and useful. I hope that this article impacts your holiday positively, as well as your overall well-being, and your relationships with family and friends.
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So here we go :
  • Get a part time job
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Get a part time job. Do it alone or with a friend. A new job is like a fresh start. You can be anyone. Be your best self. Work hard. Be professional and punctual. Have fun. Make friends. Track your hours and tips. Save your money.
  • Go to the library or bookstore
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Visit a bookstore alone. Put your phone on silent. Just explore. Find the section of your favorite genre and read. Search until you find something you love. Read it. Give it all your attention. Get lost in the pages.
  • Bond with family
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Put away your phone. Visit your family members room. Sit and chat, even if they ask you to leave. Find out how they are. Ask them questions. Show them you care. Care. Watch a movie or go to the store together. Just bond.
  • Meet up with an old friend
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Call up a friend who you miss. Not someone who hurt you, someone who you simply lost touch with. Someone that was good to you. Go for a milkshake or coffee. Catch up and reminisce. Just let the conversation flow, let it be a reminder of who you both used to be
  • Start a new series
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Pick a series you've heard about or have always wanted to watch. Start it with your family, a friend, or watch alone.Get some snacks. Get some popcorn. Get some hot chocolate. Get under the blanket. & Get lost in it
  • Art
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Draw or Paint. Something you've always wanted to. Finish a drawing or painting you've haven't completed. Be creative. Be bold. Have and idea and be inspired by something. Let your creativity flow into the page or canvas. Finish the artwork.
  • Tend to the garden
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Put your gloves on, sunscreen and a sun hat. Get the garden tools you may need. Take out the weeds. Neaten the flower beds. Plant some new succulents. Spend the afternoon in the garden. Don't listen to music. Listen to the birds, the sounds. Listen to nature and it's relationship with the busy world.
  • Spend time with your pet/ animals
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Go outside and play with your dog. Lay with your cat inside. Stroke your animal and give it the tender loving care, that you 'don't have the time for' anymore. Take your dog for a walk. Take someone else's dog for a walk. Volunteer at the animal shelter. Show those animals that somebody cares. Connect with them. Let them remind you of how simple life can be.
  • Spend time at the beach
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Go alone, with family or have a girls day at the beach. Put on your costume, sunblock , candles and a summer dress. Pack in a towel, sun glasses and don't forget your extra undies for after the swim. Pack in snacks and juice. Pack in a beach umbrella. Relax, enjoy, swim, relax, read a book and have a wonderful day.
  • Take a road trip
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Be spontaneous. Make a suggestion to your mom or friends. Take a trip to the neighboring town or city. Or plan a weekend away. Don't try to control too much. Don't make it stressful. Let it be a relaxing break for everyone. Let your hair loose, open the windows, pack in your favorite CD's, USB or aux. Keep the music positive. Chat. Chat a lot. Take photos. Make memories.
  • Visit an elderly family member
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Visit an elderly family member or neighbour. Bring them something they enjoy to eat and drink. Bring them some flowers from the garden. They will appreciate this. Brush their hair or sing them a song. Don't be in a hurry. Stay. Chat. Don't talk about yourself too much. Ask them about their life and ask for advice about something. Listen to their stories. Care as they share their precious memories with you. Clean any dishes you used. Ask them if there's anything they need help with before you go. Set another appointment to meet them. Stick to it. Open your heart.
  • Take a surf lesson
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Do this with a family member or friend. Be open to Learn. Have sun. Wear your sunscreen. Try your very best in the water. Don't be too hard on yourself. Don't forget to show support to your loved one. Enjoy the waves and the bonding time. Be safe. Follow the rules of the instructor and lifeguards.
  • Practice yoga
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Practice yoga for 15 minutes before you start your day and 15 minutes before you sleep. Do it, No matter how you feel. Do poses that suit your level of advancement. Relax. Listen to calming yoga music or no music at all. Have a peaceful, calm and beautiful day. Have a peaceful, calm nights rest. This habit will leave you feeling more balanced and at peace.
  • Exercise
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Put on comfortable clothes and sports shoes. Plan your workout. Stretch your body. Get to work. Run, lift, dance. Get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Push yourself. Push hard. See it as self love and not punishment. Stretch to cool down your muscles. Hydrate. & Relaxx
  • Bake
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Ask yourself, "what am I wishing for?". Better yet, ask your family members what they are wishing for, the aim is not to eat everything alone. Ask your mom for her recipe or Google or use pinterist for a recipe that looks delicious. Go for something simple, with not too many ingredients and required effort. Check if you have all your ingredients. Get the ones you still need. Make it alone, with a friend or family member. Wash the dishes while it bakes. Leave the kitchen clean. Let it cool off. Enjoy. Share with your family, friends and neighbours.
  • Cook for your family
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Make one of your family's favorite dishes. One that you haven't had in a while. Or one that nobody minds eating often. Prepare the meal when you are alone. Get your ingredients, follow instructions and make the dish. Prepare the table, put out the beverages and sauces. Surprise your family. Show them that you love and appreciate them. Turn of the television. Pray before the meal, give thanks for the special family time, even if you don't usually. Eat, chat, laugh, love and enjoy. Wash dishes with someone in the family.
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