name: Amaranthine
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It means eternally beautiful.
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Forest green eyes, hazel/cinnamon brown hair, warm beige skin and freckles.
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Adventurous, brilliant, calm, cold, curious, gentle, honest, loyal, calculating, moody and ambitious.
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Amaranthine has a different tiara everyday but also she has an official crown.
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She has a horse named Choco.
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Amaranthine loves long rides with Choco to escape from the palace. When she's at the castle she spends time in the astrology tower or in her garden to study herbology. And during afternoons she adores to learn archery with Everly.
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Florian is a pirate, he has pitch black hair and rose skin. Amaranthine found Florian at the cost after his ship sank. Once he waked up, he spent months at Amaranthine's palace and they've become friends.
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Everly is a noble, she's Amaranthine best friend. They are opposite, she has milk skin, silver eyes and flaxen blonde hair. When the two girls spend time together they always ended up in trouble.
love interest:
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Luke is Everly cousin, he is tall, has toffee hair and tawny eyes. They met at a ball, and since then they had a hate/love relationship. Their love story isn't simple because it's a secret. Amaranthine is promised to another prince.
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There's no villain, Amaranthine has to deal with reign's struggles.
Hope you all like it.