I don't understand why you left me.
I don't understad why I was never enough.
I don't understand how I can love you this much.
I just wanted one thing in this life, and that thing was being happy with you.
And I just can't concieve in my mind the idea of a future without you, it certainly terrefies me.
Who's gonna make me happy now?
Who's gonna make me feel beautiful?
Who's gonna make me feel that all of my love is appreciated and held safe?
I love you, I love you so much, I love you so much it scares me and I don't wanna let you go.
I don't want you to leave me.
I don't want to think of anybody else.
Cause it was you. You will always be. I don't want to search in anybody else, cause it was you.
How can you leave me like this?
How can you be so heartless?
If what we have was real how can you be fine?
If you love me, Why can't you fight for us? Why can't you love me enough to work this through?
You were my home, and now I'm lost
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Come back.
Love me again.