I promised that I wouldn't do it again...
But here I am again... I'm late.
I had to do so many things that I just did not have time to write an article.
But I think it will not happen anymore (I say "I think" because I'm not so sure).

Todaywhat I want to talk about is sadness.
What make us sad?
A bad grade at school, the loss of a loved one, the distance from home... the distance from your beloved.
Here, for me now it is the latter.

Temporarily removed

My boyfriend and I are 500 km apart.
We attend university in two different cities. But we met in the one where I go to, when he was attending a course.
We love each other so much.

love, couple, and black and white image

It's difficult.
For me and for him.
But we know that we'll meet again soon.
So we wait for that moment.

(I'm sorry for the brevity of the article, but today goes like this. The next one will be longer.)

And that's it.
Thank you for reading!
Stay tuned for my next article!
Up every monday.

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