I have rented the past vsfs from my favourite one to my least favourite one! Let me know if you like it and what are your favourite one and least favourite one! love you thanks for reading


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Hands down the best show ever!!! I've loved every segment and every outfit in it, literally!!! Starting with circus which honestly is the most creative segment that vs has ever done with an amazing line up, moving on to dangerous liaisons where the atmosphere was amazing and newcomers made their debut killing it, then we have calendar girls another creative and funny segment with an amazing line up and killer performances, going on with silver screen angels which is my favourite segment ever, so sexy, emotional, luxury, amazing walks, amazing line up and MIRANDA MY BABY QUEEN SHONE BRIGHT AS EVER! Last but not least we have angels in bloom which I really loved Rihanna performance and the colorful outfits


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It would have been at first spot if it wasn't for silver screen angels winning it all lol! BUUUUT WELL VSFS 2009 MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE ONE ALONGSIDE 2012
It's the only one show with 2012 in which I've loved every otuftit and segment, line up and performances. Starting with star trooper, even if everyone seems to hate it, I actually love it, Ale was amazing opening the show one of her best walks and the other outfits were pretty original, then we have all aboard and we have some pretty luxury sexy outfit there, enchanted forest had an amazing line up I just wished they would have given to Heidi a majestic outfit since it was her goodbye but she slyed it anyway, romantic journey again was amazing and Doutenz did a prety good job closing the show!


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The most loved vsfs of all the time and how could i not agree with it? This show is epic, is hot, sexy, full of energy, simple yet stunning outfit, amazing models and a perfect line up. Sexy santa's helpers is the most iconic opening segment with few models one better than the other and the line up got me killed! Sexy russian babes has this dark atmosphere yet sofisticated and sexy and every walk was so full of energy and personality and REMEMBER THE ICONIC NEWBIE NATASHA POLY LOOSING HER SHOE AND HANDLE IT LIKE THE QUEEN SHE IS!
Sexy shadows dreams is another iconic segment with tyra opening that is honestly so hot!!! Sexy toys has another one of my favourite opening I'm in awe every time I watch Karolina slaying it even tough I really liked only KK's outfit. Sexy Crystal princesses is so elegant and I love it and sadly I had to say that Sexy delicious sweeties is my least favourite even if the outfits were soo original!


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I know that vsfs2014 after vsfs2005 might seem a joke but I do really love vsfs 2014 it's one of the recent shows that was actually good!
Gilded angels got me schocked, the outfit were pretty similar it's true but each one stood out and Behati opening was actually with the good energy and there were amazing wings! Dream Angels is one of my favourite segment is so soft yet sexy and it was the time I fell in love with Sara Sampaio and Lily did an amazing job opening it she had the right attitude! Exotic travellers had the worst outit of that year I have to say but OMG Adriana and Alessandra opening it with the double fantasy bra was ICONIC such an heart touched moment and Ed Sheeran performing was a perfect choice and I loved how Lais closed the segment! Fairy Tale has some majestic outfits, I am deeply in love with Candice opening, I think they couldn't give her a more perfect outfit she looked like a real life fairy and her walk+end pose was amazing and it was also the time where I fell in love with Elsa, one of her best outfits! Angel Ball for me had too many models walked in it but I loved the idea of having all the models on the runway and they all did an amazing performance with beautiful outfits!


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Another iconic show with the stars of vs still walking that runway and yes I am talking about Miranda, Doutzen, Erin, Linsday and Izabel! Candice in ballet did an amazing show opening her walk was soft yet she still set fire to the runway and she looked stunning as always and I DO LOVE EVERY OUTFIT but my favourite ona was Miranda's the queen of closing that did an emotional closing as always! I'm not a huge fan of super angels but Adriana killed it she was really the true rappresentation of girl power! Acquatic angels had such amazing wings and outfits and I am so in love with Miranda fb, light blue is really her color and the wings were stunning! Passion was amazing Ale literally was the star of the whole show with that amazing Swaroski outfit and she was pregnant and we also had some beautiful oufit such as Candice and Doutzen, Adriana's wasn't her best but the closing omg it was sooo emotional and she slayed it a queen! I put a spell on you had an amazing enery but I didn't like the outfits that much besides Iza and Adri's ones!


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Beside so many critics I do really like the vsfs2016! Elsa's opening was amazing: good energy, amazing walk and a memorable outfit and the road ahead in general was such a great segment and Ale closing was one of my favourite closing ever she looked so angelic! Even if I hated Lady Gaga performing live I think her sogns fitted so well: Mountain Romance is one of my favourite segment ever, the outfits were simple yet original and yet elegant and classy and ALL the models fitted the segment perfectly plus Jo's opening was quite emotional. The Weekend is my favourite performer ever after Bruno Bars and every song of him has always fitted the segment he was put in, for example in secret angels the song Starboy was the perfect choice and Adriana killed it opening such a memorable opening and Sara did amazing closing it I am so in love! As for Dark angels I'm in love with the outfits and the energy especially with Ale and Gigi's performance and I think that Joan really did deserve that closing with those huuuuge wings that she carried like a pro! Last but not least we have Birght Night Angels that I'm sorry to say it was my least favourite segment from that year but Bruno's performance and Jas's fantasy bra made it shine


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I know it's kind of heartbraking seeing the vsfs2008 after the vsfs2008 but even if 2008 is part of the golden era I did really loved only two segments but I have to admit that the line up of every segment was to die for and today we can only dream of a similar one! Glamorous Goddesses is one of the most iconic segment ever, the outfits were stunning, the line up amazing and the models were ALL perfect with such a good energy and I love Usher as a performer, Dangerous is one of my least favourite segment ever for me only Marisa and Flavia saved it but nothing memorable. Then we go on to the moderns whcih I've never understood the point of, it had terrible outfits in it but goodess Ale got to open it and she did a good job! Ballet de fleurs is one of my faves and I'm so in love with every part of it starting from Doutzen's opening such an angel bby!!! going on to every beautiful outfits, the line up and the music everything was perfect! Last but not least we have black tie holiday with some of the most memorable outfits ever such has Heidi's one the huge pink ribbon and Doutzen that looked like a princess and Adri's first FB


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I have a weird love and hate relationship with this show lol. Tough Love was MAJESTIC: Adri's powerful opening, Rosie the bombshell, Magdalena's sassy bitch outfit and Candice's closing it was amazing such a good vibe! Country girls it's a miss for me, I've loved Candice opening but that's it I think she did amazing as her fist opening she was elegant, soft, sexy and fierce but that's the only memorable thing about this segment. Game on, a segment that they could easily skip for me, it's original yes but had some horrible outfits and they did Adri, Bee and Karolina so dirty but I have to admit that Erin's opening was on point she had the attitude, the enery, the walk all on point good job! Plus I want to make you notice how Lais carried wonderfully those wings, like in Wild things, as her debut as a newcomer such a queen! Heavenly Bodies is one of my favs segments, I am so in love with Akon's song it fits so perfectly and I love the line up plus all the outfits! Chanel has an amazing outfit and her opening for me was very good, Candice looked like a living angel, Adriana always the star as they say on the show and long live Anja who carried those MAJESTIC wings such a queen! Last we have Wild Things a segment that I do really love and in which we got to say goodbye to two of the most amazing angels and models that have ever walked in the vsfs: Rosie and Karolina! Rosie did not stayed that long but I wish they gave her something special but her performance was amazing, Karolina got those HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL wings that she carried like the true supermodel she is,making an icoinc show closing but I wish they announced that it was Karolina last show and maybe do something for her! Beside these 2 queens, I've loved Ale's opening it was magical!


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This show has the best opening after the vsfs2005 one and we're talking about my baby Candice opening it in the best fantasy bra ever! She killed it!!! The energy, the walk, the attitude! EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT I'M IN AWE EVERY TIME I WATCH IT. British Invasion was a pretty good segment, I've loved FOB performance and every outfit was beautiful on its on way I just wished they could not include Taylor Swift even in this segment but VS seems to love her more then some of the angels lol! Ship Wrecked had an amazing atmosphere and Doutzen was so emotional opening it but as for the outfits they were pretty repetitive. Parisian Night is one of the best segment ever and Adri's opening is iconic and her ouftit is my favourite outfit ever plus the line up was amazing I'm so in love with every outfit and walk and model there such a dream! Birds of Paradise is so underrated but I love the energy and the outfits were very creative and Ale was a star! Snow Angels has some dreamy outfits and I've loved Magdalena's closing the show she did good!


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An amazing show but with some disappointing details for me! Starting with femme fatale: this segment is icoinc and Justin timberlake's song couldn't fit it better. Gisele's was a star and the line up was amazing and it was sooo sexy! Coquettish Fetish honestly had orrible outfits and horrible line up but thanks god Ale came to save it! Long live the queen! Same goes for Come Fly with me but again a queen came to save it! Karolina's opening is iconic and she handle her shoe problem like a pro! MY FAVE! Highland Romance was nothing special but the outfits were good and Gisele's last opening and walk was amazing! Winter Wonderland of Glacial Goddesses is one of my fave winter inspired segment, we had some iconic wings and I loooove KK's fantasy bra!


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This show is either a hit or a miss there are some good segments but on the other side it's kind of disappointing. Bohoo psychedelic is a big no for me, I've loved Bee's opening she has the perfect energy to open a show and she did good for the 2nd year in a row but the segment was kind of a messy with too many models in it and I didn't get the point of the theme. As for Portrait of an Angel I've loved The Weeknd performance and Ale's opening was ON POINT as well as Jasmine's closing and there were some pretty good outfits but I'm not a fan of it overall. Exotic Butterflies for me is awesome and Adri's opening always got me emotional and speechless she truly is an angel she wore such a simple outfit but suited her perfectly and she was amazing plus I think this segment had so many beautiful outfits and Lais deserved so much those huuuuge wings! Ice Angels for me is kind of a no, it's a nice segment and everyone was amazing especially Candice opening it but it has kind of gettin too repetitive with those winter segments they all look the same. Fireworks was pretty original and had a fun vibe and good energy. I liked Lily's FB besides what people say but she could just make it shine more, on the other side we have Behati, Sara, Ale, Adri and Cindy being the stars of the segment!!!


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Ok so this show is totally a miss for me and it can be easily forgottable if it wouldn't for the fact that this was queen Ale's last show. So starting with punk angels well thank God for harry's performance and big Candice opening and come back that slayed our existence but the rest was totally a mess there were too many models on the runway in the same moment it was such a confusing segment but the collection was quite good. Porcelain angels could have been a good segment but the outfits were all the same but it had a good line up and for me Jo's did great, yes her walk wasn't her best so far but she handle all the situation quite good and she has prooved so many times to be a worthy angel! A winter tale had some ridicolous outfits but at least it wasn't the same old winter inspired segment so I appreciated it and Sara gave justice to her first opening she did very good and even if Ming fall the segment wasn't ruined instead it shoed how all the models support each others and it was beautiful because Gisele, Karlie, Nadine ecc the could all easily go on and ignore Ming's fall but they stopped and give her the chance to shine! Goddesses was my favourite segment of that year all the outfits were amazing, the line up good besides that I didn't like Vanessa's closing she just didn't have the energy and the attitude but Romee's beautiful opening, Lais STUNNING FB the best so far, Taylor's amazing performance, Bella, Barbara, Blanca they all were amazing! Nomadic Adventures was another mess talking about the outfits only few ones were really good such as Ale's, Cindy's, Jas, Taylor's, Candice and some others. Adri opening was maybe too playful but come on our queen never disappointed us and Ale closing was my favourite moment ever I got so emotional I just wished they could gave her something more special like they did to Adri this year but another of my favourite moment is the finale in which Adri and Candice bow down to the queen Ale!!!


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Ok this show is a joke for me and I know some of you won't agree since it's part of the golden era but I actually liked none of the segment lol! Blade Runner was so tacky and had some ridicolous outfit literally one of the worst! Age of elegance was quite good but nothing memorable for me, Rome Antique was actually good thanks to Ale's opening as always a queen came to save the show. Surreal sexy is really a joke, what's the point of this segment it was so cringy and deck the halls luckily save the finale especially with some amazing wings such as the iconic Heidi's snow flake because as always one of the original queens came to save the situation!