Mara Malfoy

Mara Druella Malfoy
June 5, 1980


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On the outside she was a clear cut Malfoy. Poised, beautiful, Platinum hair, piercing ice blue eyes, and strong features. No one really knew how much she despised herself for fitting the stereotype.


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To her family shes a disgrace, to strangers she dangerous, but to her friends the ones that took the time to get to know her she's just misunderstood. She was trapped because no matter where she went, and no matter how much she tried no one would trust her. Until an already odd group decides to take care of her, and help her survive her seven years at Hogwarts. They want her to strut, but she would really prefer to keep her head down drawing the least amount of attention possible. However she didn't know at the time that doing so would be impossible with the group she decided to befriend.


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"Ah a Malfoy it's Sly... Wait no? There's more to you than what you want people to see, and I see that Slytherin will not do you justice... Gryfinndor!"
That's when the clapping stopped everyone to confused and shocked, and from that moment on I was not accepted anywhere...


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When she first got the simple, but sophisticated wand she wanted to hate it. Elm and dragon heartstring just like her fathers, but as she grew older she realized the object and it's elements did not defy her. She was the one in control and she planned to keep it that way.


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She and her patronus, a fox, share a lot of personality traits. They prefer to lurk in places people wouldn't expect never one for flamboyancy. They prefer to be subtle and clever instead of relying on there strength, and foxes find comfort in lonesome meadows only surrounded by those they trust.


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The girl that looked back at her was not her, but at the same time it was. In this girl she saw all the things she hated about herself, and to top it all off she wore that classic Malfoy smirk that told her she didn't care about her actions.Slowly the words rolled off her tongue each one more torturous than the last.
"Avada Kedavra!"


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She smelt a variety of things, but was somehow able to pick out each one. Altogether the potion reminded her of mischief, and of course her mind immediately thought of the younger of the two Weasley twins.

Favorite Classes

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Favorite Charms

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Love Interest

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It was wrong, but it felt right. It seemed impossible, but made the most sense at the same time. She was a Malfoy a disaster waiting to happen, and he was a Weasley a hero in the making. She hated how her stomach flipped when he smiled, she hated how her knees buckled hearing his laugh, she hated how he could say anything while she struggled for words. She hated everything he did to her, yet craved it at the same time.


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"Don't worry about the family that ignores and acts like you don't matter, love the ones who are always there for you no matter what."

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