Hello, dear hearters! I got the idea of starting a kind of project about writing. I'm sure nobody knows but I loooove writing and reading!
So, I got the idea of this article which, I hope, will develop into a bunch of others, containing a lot of good ideas.
I will give you a summary of a story I or someone I am doing this project with wrote about and if you'd like you, then, can send me a message to tell me if you'd like to read this story or not.
Let's start...

Would you read about the tales of a pessimistic young woman?
Adelaide left her home with the goal of discovering the world and becoming a "real" adult. And after idealising the perfect life in Dublin, along with wonderful friends and maybe, a lover, everything goes wrong not even after two months.
Between a roommate who is a living-constant reminder of how lame she is, a school where she knows she don't belong to and the stress of building her future, we can say she is far from her expected dream life.
But as she starts to despise the Irish capital the city gives it back to her well with a full load of bad luck.