So how are you my dear? Today I just wanted to talk about friendship, it's about how I broke up with my toxic friends. So last year I met Lison, Nina & Lulaï ( those are horrible fake names lmaooo), we had a goal friendship, always together, meaning all good things to each other and listening if we had a bad mood or something. Our relationship was fusional, passionnated, those girls were the type of passionate girl you want to be friend with, i remember it was amazing, we went to Paris together, we were drunk and high together and, i liked that... Meanwhile (idk what that means but its cute lol) anyway i grew up a little, and I just found four girls whith no life, complaining for the one little thing that would go wrong. It was really special because when i was with them i just saw them living theiir little routine life that i hated. Lison was the really kind one, she didn't had much personnality to say what she thought but she was the really loyal one. Months pasted and she had a slut reputation, that's true she wasn't an saint virgin but who cares anyway??? She was really easy to manipulate, to influe, it wasn't really plesent over time, when she was with other persons, she wasn't the same, it was her weakness. Then Nina, she was a very love sharing girl, she shew a lot to a person went she liked her, and shew it when she didn't, she wasn't moderate, she was just extreme. She told a lot of stories that no one believed when we didnt't knew her so she had the reputation of the mythoman, or the troubled girl. She was a constant smoker, really addict, i think she was broken on the inside. Nina wasn't my soulmate haha because she told me things that hurted me, that i was too skinny to be desire ( she was just jealous of my body) and other stuff like this. Lulaï, was in her case a good girl, unpredictable, but really sweet, she still is my friend btw. So Lulaï was aslo influencable, but carring and i think alone in her family life.when we went back to school we were all separated in deifferent classes exept Lison and nina, they wanted to spend all the time off the school together, but i realized it wasn't my place, i met interresting people, and also really healthy people. So i move away step by step, they started arguing me because i wasn't their but i supposed i act like i didn't gave a damn so we argued for nothign and i guess i act like a bitch on purpose because i knew i would argue with them and it would be simple to move away after a fight. The following days we ignored each other exept lulaï, like they ignored me and i was alone, at the beginning it wasn't really easy, our friends didn't understood, i knew things that girls told about me and it was really mean. I think moving away from toxic friends is really good for life, today i have my real friends and that's really better, when some of my friends kept beeing with me i saw the real and the false, after this it's easy to choose who you want to keep in our life.
To conclue, a toxic relationship is some time a good way to start a new life when everything is wrong. love you guys <3