Hey guys, welcome to a new article!

In today's article, I'll be sharing a few of my favorite vintage Tumblr accounts.

Almost all of my WHI pictures I posted are coming from these beautiful accounts. So I thought, why not share these amazing accounts because they got some very nice, vintage pictures on there! ☘

☾ I hope you like the blogs as much as I do. Now, here they are! ↷

girl, cute, and 120mm film image

› 1: Gawlak.This blogger posts her own pictures. There is a lot of nature involved with this account, which the photographer beautifully photographs. I really like this account] and all of her pictures have a really vintage and cozy vibe.

fashion, girl, and hair image

› 2. Imperfectio. She has a wide variety of vintage pictures on her blog. The photo's she posts are simple but magic :) This blog is definitely worth to check out!

girl image

› 3. petite-teaspoon. This blog is very girly and cute. It contains tons and tons of super cute pictures with (what else :) ) vintage aesthetics.

house, home, and vintage image

› 4. incedo. The theme of this blog is green. The blog has a lot of beautiful nature photos. A very refreshing blog!

girl, photography, and camera image

› 5. innocens. This blog has some really nice architecture picture, but besides that also a wide variety of photo's from people, nature and animals.

shoes and vintage image

› 6. platypus-number-ninety-four. Now, this must be one of my favorite Tumblr accounts. An amazing account for everyone who likes vintage pictures!

And then, last but not least:

vintage, girl, and indie image

› 7. f-l-o-r-s-c-e-n-d-o. This blog is just the cutest!! Also one of my favorites.

Okay, these where all the blogs that I think are super cool and cute. Hopefully, you'll check them out ☺

Love, Midnightdancing