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Today I'm gonna share my soft playlist. These songs just make me feel warm inside and just a softie. It's quite big, so I'm only gonna list a few here, but the link to the entire playlist is at the end of this article!

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This playlist includes:
smithereens - twenty one pilots
old pine - ben howard
someone to stay - vancouver sleep clinic
feel something - jaymes young
will you stay here with me - tomppabeats

west coast - imagine dragons
ink - coldplay
i'm in love with u, sorry - j'san
drew barrymore - sza
you say i'm in love - banes world

with you i feel alive - snckpck
shark - oh wonder
you're my world - atlas
pete davidson - ariana grande
juvenescene - verzache

paris - the 1975
thinking of you - smoothboi ezra
sun - sleeping at last
give my heart a little break - summer salt
falling for u - peachy!


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That was it for this article, hope you liked it!

-`ღ´- Love, Mara (@indigoIights)