(Hi, I'm kind of scared to even post anything like this, but this is to my crush.)

I've developed this feeling that I never knew I would have you give me butterflies all the time when I'm near you. The thing is you don't even talk to me, you make some comments here and there but we never have really had a conversation. you're in a lot of my classes but I never have the courage to speak to you. You're very funny and goofy sometimes but that's what makes you perfect to me.
I don't love you? well to be completely honest I don't know because I've never experienced love before.
I guess we have the same type of personality but you don't care what people think about you and I do sometimes.

You're tall, tan skin, gorgeous eyes, and a beautiful smile.

I don't think I'll ever talk to you, I'm not exactly the most confident person ever.

I really really like you :-)