Moonlight or Candlelight

aesthetic, alternative, and dark image Temporarily removed purple, neon, and aesthetic image Image removed

Time traveller or fortune teller

black and white, girl, and tarot image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed moon, stars, and purple image Temporarily removed

Theatre or arcade

aesthetic, city, and club image red, aesthetic, and theme image light, theatre, and photography image ballet, ballerina, and dance image

Fly to the moon or swim to atlantis

aesthetic, atlantis, and blue image

Mornings or Nights

Temporarily removed black, dark, and festival image aesthetic, blurry, and night time image adventures, buildings, and city image

Roses or daises

quotes, love, and vincent van gogh image Image by venus Image by Naz Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Dragons or mermaids

pink, aesthetic, and window image pearls, shell, and mermaid image mermaid and wallpaper image quotes and words image

Stars or rainbows

stars, eyes, and eye image Image by Lauren quotes, stars, and poem image aesthetic, stars, and silver image

Books or movies

Image removed book, autumn, and lights image aesthetic, autumn, and beige image Image removed

Fairies or elves

boho, dress, and wedding image music, flowers, and vintage image butterfly, gold, and aesthetic image flowers, wedding, and rose image

Unlimited pixie dust or wings

blonde, bun, and color image

Ghost everyone can see or vampire no one can see

aesthetic, female, and red image

Witch or genie

aesthetic, aladdin, and creativity image