When I say: "go and get what you deserve"...What is the first thing that comes to your mind? What should you consider as something you deserve? How to know it?

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Does it count as getting your dream job, clothes you want, getting knowledge, raise business, earn more money, get new flat, car, house...Not just that but working on your personality too, manners, actions, moves...

Okay, you considered that you want to get your dream job, because you think that is the thing you deserve and born for that you are special and made for it! What is the way you should follow to get it? Which way would lead you there?

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At first making a plan, means steps you should take every day, to be closer and closer to what you dream of. And managing it with your abilities, because for some people it takes less and for some more time! But, don't let that bring you down and start worrying. No matter how slow you are important is that you are still going forward!

Then, being loyal to what you planned, no lying yourself, skipping your duties and things you promised you will do that day. If something unexpectedly happens and makes you avoid planned things, don't worry, this is life! Calm down, stay focused and try to manage how to catch up and continue where you stopped.

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After that, giving your best...Your last breath, your whole power, and will to achieve what you want, no matter what is your future goal. Because if you stay useless, fail with life, no one will be there to help you. Everyone will laugh and take you as a story they laugh at! Do you deserve to be the object of their ridicule? As someone who is working hard, do you deserve to be down and give up? No my dear, it is hard, but remember worth every tear, worth every hard work and hustle. Everything will pay off at the end! Now or later it will surely.

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So we came to the point where I will as you about your health, which is important too on this journey. No matter how you want to be something, or your name to be heard far, far, away...To be so successful and an example for others. Does that mean that you should go against your health if you think that you need a break? Never, just never go against your body, listen to it, no matter the fame or power, first health and then everything else. But, don't let that make you lazy! Know how to balance things in your life, and you will be a queen/king. Keep this on your mind and don't worry.

Be happy and celebrate everything you achieved during the journey Don't be so hard on yourself and let you become like a robot! Buy yourself something for every good step you made, go our for a dinner with friends, celebrate, be happy, and full your batteries for next battles! Being so careless about your feelings, will make you sad, depressed and bored of routine. Don't let that overcome your soul, It needs a care and break too like body sometimes, from all pressure and stress.

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And after all, keep making other plans, don't make yourself stop achieving new things and fighting for something else. Don't be greedy but still don't be lazy. There will be always something else, something worth fighting for, which will thank you later in life. No matter how much you learn it is never enough. Life is just a huge book, take care that you read most things, not all! (I will let you think why...)

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Okay my ladies and gentleman, that is all for today! Have a nice day/night, stay classy and bossy. Keep following my articles and my collection! Kisses for everyone, until the next time...

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