Hello beautiful people of We Heart, today in this article I will be telling you what I do to relax when I want to do it or when I am in moments of stress or anxiety. Today I know that many of us suffer anxiety or even panic attacks ... I've been living with that now, and it's fine if you too, it's something that happens and it's normal, you just have to find the way to control it.
So I hope you like it and try to do some of these things.

PS: my language is not English so apologize if I misspelled a sentence or a word 鈽

路 Listen to music 馃帶
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Listening to music for me is always an escape, it helps me to calm down if I listen to it and start singing. Here I leave some songs that when I listen to them, they take me to a place where I imagine myself being relaxed and feeling a peace within me:
  • Butterfly fly away.- Miley Cyrus
  • Over again.- One Direction
  • Love is on its way.- Jonas Brothers
  • Lovebug.- Jonas Brothers
  • Let it go.- James Bay
  • Bless The Broken Road.- Rascal Flatts
  • Dusk till Dawn.- Zayn Malik
  • Breathin'.- Ariana Grande
路Read the books you love 馃摉
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Nothing better than getting out of stress and that which has you thinking so much that reading your favorite book.If it's a book you've already read, it does not matter. Do what makes you happy
路 Exercise or yoga 馃拞
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Exercising is one of the best ways to take everything out of you and take it out, it keeps you focused and your mind busy. Just like doing yoga, it gives you peace of mind and at the same time you are keeping yourself healthy and trying to get rid of the anxiety that is in you
路 Walk 馃崈
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Walking the mountain or the park is the same as exercising if you want. This will help you see simple but beautiful things and may help you think about positive things. You can do it accompanied with your boyfriend or friend or you can do it alone. It is a very nice method of relaxation.
路 A hot bath 馃泙
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A hot bath to get rid of all those problems that you have in mind. Taking a hot bath at night will help you sleep faster and have that kind of relaxation in your body when you had a very stressed day. You can do it by reading a book, listening to music that relaxes you, drinking your wine or hot chocolate, watching your favorite TV series and aromatic candles. You will have one of the best vibes
路 Write It Out 馃摑
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Writing really helps you a lot. It helps to remove all that emotional tension that you have in your system. It reflects how you feel and how your day has been. If you write something every day it helps you relax more and sleep faster at night. It is something that is really effective for many people.
路 Sleep 鉁
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Sleeping is one of the best sensations at the end of the day. If you sleep more than 6 hours at night is something that will keep you even healthier and focused on your days. If you are a person who stays busy every day at every hour, if in your free time you do some of these tips, you will have one of the best days or weekends more relaxing.


I hope you try to make these ideal tips and they work for you

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Thanks, if you like, let me know. And put it into practice and I hope that they work for you 鈾 鉁煒