Hello beautiful people! Today's article is about black friday! (23 nov)

1. ◴ Time

Go early. Don't go at a busy day.

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2. Match your outfit

Dress to match what you're gonna buy.

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Ex. If you want to buy a new bag put on an outfit that would match the bag.

3. Tester

Get a sample of a beauty product, if you're unsure of buying it.

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4. Go with your friends / family

It's fun, and plus there may be a sale like buy one get one free.

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5. Budget

Make sure you know how much money you want to spend.

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6. Discount summer clothes

I always do this. Buy summer clothes in winter and buy winter clothes in summer, it's cheaper!

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7. Check the items

Try the item before buying it. It could be dirty, ripped etc...

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That's all! :) Hope I helped you xx

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