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Hey, cuties! In this article, I will share all my go-to apps to make your Instagram stories look more interesting and aesthetically pleasing. My Instagram will be linked at the end of this article in case you want to follow me there.

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I am sure that most of you are already familiar with this app since so many bloggers use it to create their stories. You can easily achieve a minimal, polished aesthetic on your stories with this app. Also, it allows you to save and organize all your stories into collections so as you can have everything stored in one place.
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HUJI Cam travels us back to the 90s with its analog film camera effect. The coolest thing about this app is that you have no idea how your photo will look like until it's taken.
Story Maker
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This app is really similar to UNFOLD since it provides a variety of templates for you to create beautiful stories including photos and videos.
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If you like posting videos on your stories this app is ideal for you. A great video editor with so many cool looking video effects which allows you to add a song cover to your video.
DU Recorder
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This app allows you to record your phone's screen and save it as a high-quality video. While you are recording your phone's screen, it records your voice at the same time in case you want to comment or react to something.
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That's it for today's article. Hope you got some inspiration. As always, feel free to send me a message or a postcard. See ya soon xixixi ❤

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