idk about you guys but getting my life together is the thing I have always wanted but apparently didn't work for(or didn't knew how) i learned it the hard way...
and I know we all have different lives and ways of decluttering in all aspects, yet I decided to share my methods for u guys<33


basically, our lives are circles(forget about the comfort bubble this is something else) when we are inside it we are busy working, thinking, meeting people, etc... at the same time we are storing emotions, ideas, past judgments unconsciously.

when you get in the state of reflecting (getting out of the circle and seeing the full picture) your vision and perspective that you have towards your current circle is BASED on the feeling, ideas, past judgments that you stored from events and experiences when you were in the circle

so if you had a positive perspective that's great! but if you had a negative one( which is why you might be here) then you must know
-what made u feel that way?
-how did it affect your efficiency?
-what would make it better?
-how will u prevent it in the future?

respectively, you'll be working on both the mental and physical sides here( i know the tip says MENTAL DECLUTTER but it still does make sense bc your physical health is your first clue on any mental health probs; ya knOWW)

plus some meditation practices I recommend:

- meditation //it gives your mind a break from thinking

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-Qigong //makes u more aware

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-on your knees, nose and forehead on the floor// let's the ground to suck the negative energy in your mind, more energy, fuller chakra points( it's a spiritual practice that Muslims do within salat(meaning in Arabic; 'connection with God') for few minutes 5 times throughout the day to refill their chakras and align them and give more energy and a sense of depending on a superior power that provides them peace and makes them feel everything is alright))

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if you'd read my older articles you might know that I live with my parents and 3 brothers. being the '' big sister ''in my family I was required to do most if not all the housework with mom since my brother are young and dad is always traveling...

well, I would gladly do it at all times al conditions but when I get in the '' I am losing my sh*t ''mode the house and especially my bedroom area will look like a pigsty. I stop making my bed, the few dishes build up a mountain, my skin care and makeup products will start throwing themselves out of the drawers, my laundry would build up mountains too and I would just fit them in my closet in any way possible except folding them

Moral of the lame story: your place is a reflection of your mental state
Rule: clean space= clear mind; easy!

start gradually, blast your favorite playlist, imagine all of that clutter in your head ''if I clean it I can have more space for more positivity!''

(plus, plz do include digital decluttering)

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prep ur notebook and a pen cause we're about to plan the life we all want!
((method a: BOX IT))
1) ask what's important to you? whats your north star? what moves u on?
ex. : spirituality, learning, family, self-care and self-love

2) write their current situation in words or any symbols you like; are they going well, not so good, horrible, in progress, decent, ...?

3)write a plan!

let's go back to step 1//MENTAL DECLUTTER and know;

-what put them in this situation
-how would that affect my life
-how can I make it any better...

well this is a method that I use most, I have mentioned in a previous article in details, plus some important information you can check it right here ;

((method c: REPLACE))
this is very open actually, just write the things you feel bad about, replace them with what good side you see from the picture, do it more often!

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can't say anything about this one because if you did all of the above all you need is a sheet mask, a cup of latte, a day off, new makeup or cute clothes, or any way you'd feel like a QUEEN treating yourself with what makes u happy and PUT-TOGETHER.

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follow, check more articles<33;