Dont get me wrong, Im not a Party Animal but I already went to a few.
So I wrote a to-do list.

beer pong

party, drink, and alcohol image

beer pong is a must-have on a Party.
All you need is a table, some cups and a ping pong ball.


bff, party, and polaroid image friends image

Polaroids are such a cool memory of a great evening.
Do some with your besties infront of a cool background or with a cool pose.


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If you have a karaoke machine, cool. If not you can use youtube.

netflix and chill

disney, movie, and bed image

Even on a party you can watch some movies or a series.
And with FRIENDS its even funnier.


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If you have a pool, good for you. If not, you can use a paddling pool in summer.
In winter better not.

guys know your limit. Dont smoke and dont drive drunk.