Hi guys, I draw and have an instagram profile (dafnedefinelicht) where you can see the characters I'm making these descriptions about. Chek it out :)

Who Is Mars?

Image by Dafne de Fine Licht Image removed makeup, red, and beauty image Mature image
Red curly hair that moves like revenge of flames after her sporty body.

How Does Mars Look Like?

red, lové, and gloves image Temporarily removed lips, red, and aesthetic image body, girly, and look image
In her cool bodysuit she walks through the heat, with her hands in long gloves.

What Is Mars Known For?

Mature image Mature image boxing, sport, and aesthetic image Mature image
With her alcohol problems, she is a brave woman who can not be stopped by anything. If she walks in the same direction as you, go to the side. If she goes straight to you, run. Perhaps you can be one of the lucky ones who avoid their destiny with her machine gun.

How Does Mars Live?

red and door image red, aesthetic, and light image red, aesthetic, and light image Image by Dafne de Fine Licht
Not much housing is above ground on Mars, mostly underground buildings, long tunnels, a whole world under the surface of the earth. Worn red colors and practical lamps.

How Is The Planet Mars?

cactus, art, and aesthetic image red and aesthetic image Image by Dafne de Fine Licht Image by Dafne de Fine Licht
Red sand and rocks, there is not much to see on Mars, only cactuses seem to survive the tough weather. 3 times a day there are violent sandstorms on Mars and destroys everything. At night it becomes extremely cold, there is also nothing that survives, but it's on Mars you get the most beautiful sunrise in the whole galaxy.

It was all about Mars so far. I will do this about all my alien characters soon, so keep up and check out my instagram profile (dafnedefinelicht).

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Hope i see you in the infinity and beyond <3