Hi, so today, I wanted to share how to live a healthier lifestyle. It is important that everyone has a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I am not going to make a huge introduction, so I am just going to get into this.

Cut out sugars and sweets.

This one may be the most difficult. But keep in mind, that if you do not cut out things such as cakes and sodas and whatnot, you will see results. They will not be the results you want. Try limiting yourself to one small cookie or 6 ounces of soda a day and keep lowering the ounces and start cutting the cookie in half. Keep going to completely execute the unhealthy sweets and sugars. It is the simple first steps that will really lead you somewhere. :)
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Substitute unhealthy foods for healthy foods.

Everyone at one point will want some kind of junk food. And guess what? There are foods that are similar to junk food but much healthier for you! Substitution is awesome for those trying to live a better lifestyle. Making small changes (etc. going for dark chocolate rather than an oreo) will help significantly in the long run.
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Learn to satisfy your cravings.

As I said, everyone at one point will want some kind of junk food. Listen to what your body is telling you. For example, if you have a sudden craving for a Reese's cup, ask yourself, "am I just bored or am I actually hungry?" Wait 20-30 minutes after asking yourself that and try to entertain yourself to really make sure it isn't boredom. After this time is up, and you are still hungry, just go get a small piece or package of your craving. It is okay to splurge every once in a while, just do not do it every day.
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Keep a food diary.

Keeping a food diary will be extremely beneficial to those trying to eat healthier. Record everything you eat (include calories if you want to). When you look back and see healthy foods, you will be proud, and when you see unhealthy foods, you can ask yourself, "how can I avoid this happening?" And the answer is to keep that dairy. Eventually if you keep seeing unhealthy foods, your body will tell you that you should not be consuming so much junk food. It will happen someday, trust me!
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Learn to say "no".

Please, please remember that you are capable of saying "no". You should not feel obliged to saying "yes" when someone offers you something. It may feel a little awkward at first to decline their offer, but if you continue doing it, it will become natural for you and you will not feel so inclined to always say "yes" to someone who is offering you food. It is okay to say yes to healthy foods and it is okay to say yes to something unhealthy every once in a while.
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Stop comparing yourself to others.

Listen, comparing other to yourself will not help matters. It only puts you down even more. Society makes us feel forced to look a certain way and that is honestly bull crap. We need to kick society's butt and be proud of who we are, no matter how we look. Self-love may be difficult, but check out my article that I mad about it for additional help.
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Exercise is a great way to distress, clear your mind, and release your happy hormones. It is also something that can help us live longer from strengthening our hearts. Start out with simply walking your neighborhood or doing fifty jumping jacks a day. Do not go overboard though. You should exercise because you love your body and want to keep it healthy, not because you hate it.
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Be more active.

It is a good thing to be active. Little motions can contribute to something big-your goal. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get off a bus stop too early and walk the rest of the way. Help out more around the house by doing chores. Start a sport like dance or soccer. Clean up/organize your room; there are little bursts of physical activities in all of these. Remember, little steps will go a big way.
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Make a vision board.

Creating a vision board may help you. Print out pictures of what you want your goal to be (this can work for any other goals like educational ones, too!) and do not go insane. Choose pictures that are plausible (and not like Barbie skinny) and put them above your bed or somewhere you will see them every morning you wake up. I would suggest to look at fit people and not skinny. There is a difference-one is healthy and the other is not.
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Get rid of toxic people in your life.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health! There will always be people around you that spread negativity around you and/or make you feel worse about yourself. If possible, get rid of them. I think that if you can avoid that person or those people who are not helping you on your journey, then do it. If you are not able to avoid them, just try to be nice to them and spread positivity on them. Your optimism may change that person because you influence them and others around you.
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Refrain from negativity.

Now of course, there are going to be people who you just cannot avoid who put you down. You have to learn to live with them. But do not become influenced by their negativity. Spread happiness and positivity on them and maybe they can change. If you are more of a pessimist (like myself), surround yourself with optimistic people. Being around negative people whether you are a pessimist or an optimist will not help and your mindset of your goal and overall life will plummet. Being around positive people whether you are a pessimist or optimist will help you. Be careful about who you are around. Keep positive thoughts in your head. I know it is a lot easier said than done, but just keep practicing and eventually you will learn that there are good things in the world, and this will boost your mindset incredibly. Also make sure to tell yourself positive things, such as: "I am worth it.", "I am beautiful.", "I am smart.", "I am not an ugly person.", and "I can do anything I put my mind to". Remember to keep smiling. :D
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