Day One - explain the meaning of your name
My name is Amanda Grace. The initials were inspired by the initials of my parents. My mother’s name starts with an A and my father’s with a G. So as my other siblings— all females with ‘AG’ and my only brother with ‘GA’.

Amanda Grace almost sounds like the song “Amazing Grace”. My grandmother and my parents love that song so much they made it Amanda to make it appropriate for a name.

Amanda is a Latin female gerundive name meaning “deserving to be loved” “worthy of love” or “loved very much by people”. Grace means simple elegance or refinement of movement. However, I am quirky, loud, reckless, brave and straightforward, that’s why the name does not suit my personality so I make people call me ‘Mandy’. Even if that’s the case, being named this way is an honor, I can’t really imagine not being named as Amanda.