Hey everybody! How was your day? Mine was a relaxed day, and fortunately, I don't have tons of things to do, only a few, which I can accomplish and have a little bit of a break time at night(God Bless it!)

Write about your Passions

  • Arrange things
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I don't like messy things. For example, my room is always clean and everything needs to be in their place. And I organize everything, for example, I make to-do-lists every day.
  • Listen to music
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This is a basic one. Who doesn't love listening to music? I listen to it very often, different kinds of depending on my mood.
  • Watch series/films
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Whenever I have a little free time away from school, I start to watch something online. For example 1(or 2) episodes of my series.
  • Read
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I used to read so much, but I had a reading slump this year. Fortunately, this month I'm falling back in love with reading again, so I read half an hour before going to sleep.
  • Talking with someone
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I'm an outgoing, talkative person, who adore talking with everybody. Literally, everybody, because I'm interested in their story.

That was all for today.
I hope you all enjoyed it.
Kisses and Bye,